Candidates’ Rights

Each person, as a candidate for certification, has the following rights:

  • Submission of the certification application to any Certified Examination Center of the Exams Cert.
  • To participate in any available certification exam of any Certified Examinations’ Center of the Exams Cert.
  • Full control of his / her answers to the exam’s questions.
  • To file a complaint or objection to any matter related to the examination procedure applied by Exams Cert.
  • Use of the certificate granted to him by the Exams Cert Certification body after the successful completion of his / her certification, anywhere in the private and/ or the public sector, without violating its attached conditions.
  • Has the right to address the Exams Cert Certification body in order to make use of his/ her rights of “Information” and “Access” to his/ her personal information.
    The collection and processing of personal data by Exams Cert is carried out in accordance with the General Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data, which may be disclosed to third parties with legitimate interest in such data, which correlates with the use of the certificates by the “subject” (which means the holder of the certificate).


Complaints - Objections

Any interested party may address the Exams Cert Certification Body and is given the right to question its policy and the procedures which have been developed in accordance with national and international quality standards related to the certification. This question may take the form of a simple complaint, objection, and even an appeal (protest).

Submission of the question must be made in written form, by name and by signing on to the Exams Cert Body by filling in the document QF‑43‑1 «Submission of Dispute» which is available on the website. It must also be fully and clearly documented.

If the question comes from a candidate for certification and relates to the outcome of the certification exam, then the candidate should address this question to the examination officer of the awarding body in which he was examined in order to initiate the process of questioning the outcome. Submission is made by completing the form QF-43-2 "Submission of Outcome Denial" provided by the person responsible for the examination center to the person. The completed form is forwarded by the examining center manager to the Exams Cert for processing.

In continue, the Exams Cert must check the question of the party concerned by acting in accordance with the procedures it has appointed, where it may need to be called in to provide the necessary information, and must inform it of the progress of the procedure and of the final conclusion as soon as possible after completion of the work.


Submission of Dispute