English Language

The new ESOL certificate is here to meet the needs of the Greek ELT market

Open College Network West Midlands is being innovative and presents, through ExamsCert, the new ESOL certificate in the Greek market, which plans to cover all of your needs, but mainly those of your students.

  • Regulated by OFQUAL
  • Student-friendly. It deals with issues relative to modern reality which are familiar to the age-group of our students.

  • It tests all four skills and provides prestige to the owner of the certificate.

  • Multiple choice Questions. Τhe most preferable examination format.
    Same format. The candidate knows exactly what the format of the examination level will be like, since he/she is already familiarized with it.

  • Average total paper score is 50% or more in all levels, which is achievable for all students.
    In case of failure in a single skill, the candidate is entitled to resit the component he/ she has failed, paying ONLY for the specific component. There is no need to wait for six (6) months to resit the exams, but just for a few weeks, a quality which makes this certificate unique for your adult students.

  • 3 examination periods per year. No precious time is lost, resulting in the immediate acquisition of a certificate in English language.

  • Candidates may choose 1 composition out of 4 given topics. Thus, they can choose the most appropriate topic for them.

  • The final grade derives from ALL components.
    If the candidate scores under 50% (between 36% - 49%) in a specific skill, this grade is averaged to give a score for the whole qualification. The candidate, then, is considered to have passed the test.

  • Where a candidate does not achieve all components, he/ she can obtain a certificate for complete components

  • A wide range of benefits for Foreign Language Centres participating in the Open College Network International examination by Exams Cert.







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