Obligations Of A Candidate

Participation in Certification Examination

  • Attendance at the exam center: at least thirty (30) minutes before the exam begins.
    Once the examination has begun, candidates are not allowed to enter the examination.
  • Required documents for candidate's participation in the exams:
    • the certification card and
    • the original of the identity document that the candidate adduced and a photocopy attached to the application for the exams.
  • Items allowed within the classroom: Vacuum flask with water or soft drink.
  • Items banned within the classroom:
    • any type of electronic storage media (e.g. removable USB drives) and
    • any type of video / audio recording devices (e.g. cameras).
      It is noted that upon approval by the supervisors of the exams, any type of telecommunication devices (e.g. mobile phones) are allowed within the classroom but only switched off. It is at the discretion of the supervisor to possess the devices for as long as their holders are examined.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited within the classroom! The candidate is not allowed to exit for a break, while the examination is underway!
    It is noted that smoking is allowed before or at the intervals between examinations of two cognitive objects within the special area provided by the exam center or outside the premises.


Obligations and rights during the exam

  • The behavior of candidates during the examination should be governed by the known rules of discipline and good behavior. They are required to comply directly with any suggestions and recommendations of the monitors. Failure to observe the above may even result in their exclusion from the test, which is considered to be unsuccessful and scored zero (0).
  • It is forbidden to switch on and use the telecommunication devices (e.g. mobile phones), if they are not committed by the supervisors, for as long as the examination is in process.
  • When attempts are made to copy responses or actions / methods and generally prevent the examinations from being properly conducted and altered their results, therefore those individuals are excluded from the examination, which is considered to be unsuccessful and scored with zero (0).
  • It is forbidden to temporarily leave any candidate from the examination area while his examination is underway without the approval of the supervisors. Staying out of the examination area for the entire time is accompanied by one of the supervisors.
  • It is forbidden for the candidates to remain in the examination area beyond the completion of the examination.