Procedure For Taking Part In The Exam

For the Certification Exams, Exams Cert has developed exam subjects:

  • Always based on "case studies", where candidates are invited to act appropriately to achieve the desired results, and
  • "closed type" questions, where candidates should, for example, choose from the answers given the ones they consider right (multiple choice) or write the answer or fill in the missing text of a proposal (fill in blank issues), or choose the right part of an image (hot spots subjects) and so on.

During the period of each examination, candidates must meet the requirements of their subjects, having as well the chance to check their responses and make possible corrections before confirming completion.

In case of retaking the exam due to failure in a certification subject, the test system developed by the Exams Cert will ensure that the same set of exam questions is not displayed.


Candidates who want to take part in the certification exams should

  1. Contact a certified exam center and apply for a certification, while having a photocopy of a valid identity card  [1] and then issue the appropriate certification card from the exam center.
  2. Call and register so as to participate in scheduled exams (no less than 48 hours prior to them) at a certified exam center (it may be different from the one that issued the certification card).
  3. Attend the exam center they have registered at, while having their identity document and certification card.
  4. Receive their Certificate from the exam center that issued the Certification Card after they have succeeded in all the necessary modules.


[1]Valid proof of identity are the following:

  • For Greek citizens: identity card or relevant temporary stay of the equivalent authority, passport, driving license, individual insurance card.
  • For citizens of a Member State of the European Union: identity card, passport.
  • For citizens of countries outside the European Union: entry permission document, residence permission document, work permission document.
  • For minors: birth certificate with photo and stamp.


Application for Certification